Skin Moisturizing & Protective Serum 1.0oz.

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Combining Aloe Vera juice, Natural Beautifier from the seabed of the Antarctic, and Green Algae from Klamath Lake with Natural Skin Protective Factor (NSPF), Super Skin Moisturizing & Protective Serum provides a long-lasting and unique benefit for the skin. It is specially designed for the reduction of wrinkles, flakiness and fine lines. Skin becomes softer, smoother and younger looking. Our primary laboratory research has shown that the skincare functions of the key ingredients in Super Moisturizing & Protective Serum include:

  •  Long-lasting skin moisturizing
  •  Scavenging Free radicals (Anti-oxidant)
  •  Absorbing UV (UV felting)
  •  Rejuvenating skin
  •  Stimulating the formation of collagen I and IV as well as elastin
  •  Protecting the skin from dryness
  •  Strengthening the skin’s cohesion, thus reducing wrinkles
  •  Skin-nourishing
  •  Repairing damaged skin
  •  Making skin smoother