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The Story of Jade Orchid Perfume

The province of Yunnan is well known throughout China for its rich and diverse plant life. It is referred as the “Botanical Kingdom”. One of the most renowned specimens, in this province filled with amazing flora, is the beautiful and fragrant Jade Orchid. Native women wait for the Spring to arrive so that they can collect the delicate white blossoms to wear around their necks for the captivating scent that flower provide. The bloom of the Jade Orchid is shortlived so the beautiful fragrance they produce must be enjoyed while it is available.

Throughout history, the Jade Orchid flower had been admired by French perfumers that came to Yunnan in the18th and 19th centuries to explore the Qing Kingdom. However, they have never achieved their goal of capturing this delicate fragrance. It was almost impossible to get pure Jade Orchid fragrance oil that retains all of the beautiful fragrance compounds of the Jade Orchid flower by using traditional extraction methods.

At the end of the 20th century, the best quality Jade Orchid flower fragrance oil was successfully obtained by using cutting-edge technique of super critical extraction. In an American fragrance art laboratory, a group of worldclass Master Perfumers who had previously worked in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China and the United States worked together for more than two years to create and refine a Jade Orchid perfume that met all of their expectations. Now, their shared dream is finally come true with release of Jade Orchid perfume, a beautiful, unique and unforgettable new scent.

Truebeauty Jade Orchid is the world’s only authentic Jade Orchid collection perfume on the market because of the rareness of the flower and the creative fusion of international perfumers.