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Release your full-beauty potential. Truebeauty provides expert beauty advice and products to capture the essence of true balanced beauty within you.

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Our natural health products will rejuvenate and educate you on how to treat your body. From cleansers to healthy shake powders, Truebeauty products ensure you are treating your body like a temple.

 Enchanting Scent

After centuries of failing to capture the scent of the Jade Orchid, the wait is finally over. Truebeauty is proud to offer you orchid perfume made with extracted oils from one of China's most treasured flowers.

Fusion naturaceutical cosmetic & medical science

Mr. Fan Zhao

Mr. Zhao is a cosmetic research & development scientist with 25-year experience in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and China.  He is an active member of American Society of Cosmetic Chemists of 18-years. He is specialized in cosmetic formula and development.  He has developed (created) hundred’s formulas of personal care products for many companies

Mr. Zhao holds a Bachelor degree in Organic Chemistry and Master Degree in Natural Product Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  Mr. Zhao has written or co-written some books, “World’s Top 100 Cosmetic Treasure”Medical Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Chinese Traditional Medicine.  Some of Zhao’s invention and research achievement were rewarded international invention prize and national scientific prize.

Dr. Rou-Qi Hu

Dr Ruo-Qi Hu obtained her Ph.D. in Pharmacology, in United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Harvard University, School of Medicine, Boston, USA

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Toronto, Canada

Licensed Physician practicing in United States

A member of American Medical Association (AMA)

She is well accomplished in clinical medicine and has broad experiences in medical research, and research in pharmacology.

Dr Hu is a medical director of Truebeauty LLC,  Chief executive of Marketing and promotion